Offering Yoga, Sound Healing,
& Meditation in Copenhagen.

Created by Ro Acosta.

Hi and welcome. My name is Rosángela Acosta and I am the leading heart behind Ro Atelier.
HERE you can read more about me.

I’d love to meet you.
+45 27 83 81 90
My purpose is to guide you into living more consciously, with good physical and mental health. I thrive by holding spaces created to slow down and tune inwards to the wisdom of our bodies. Oftentimes I co-create experiences with like-minded colleagues and friends, where we purposedly and intuitively combine Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and Sound Healing. 
I invite you to join me at my sessions in the different studios I hold spaces in Copenhagen.
I offer weekly classes, courses, and events, that can help you boost your energy, clear your mind, and be more in tune with your true essence.

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