Rosángela Acosta founded Ro Atelier in 2018, a company naturally attached to her soul purpose, which is to bring a positive impact into the life of others and to advocate for developing our inner healer. By turning inwards and cultivating good health through yoga, meditation, and sound healing.

She started to practice yoga in her home country, The Dominican Republic when she was 18 years old. But since even a younger age she remembers being naturally intuitive and receptive to the traditions related to knowing the body, mind, and soul.
In 2013 she began teaching sharing what she knows from her heart. On one hand, she emphasizes cultivating sensitive inner awareness and strongly encourages strengthening the body & mind. On the other, she aims to guide people into discovering their inner strenght and wisdom to caring for their health.

Based in Copenhagen, she currently offers public and private experiences where she combines sound healing with massage, yoga and meditation. She is an E-RYT®200 registered with Yoga Alliance. On the way to become a certified sound practitioner & yoga therapist. Moreover she has certifications as a Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, & Meditation teacher. Nonetheless, Ro has more than 1000hrs of noncurricular studies and teaching experience.