Rosángela Acosta is deeply touched and inspired by the traditions related to awakening the body, mind, and soul. Ro has more than 7 years of experience encouraging people to find their inner strength and wisdom. Moreover, she has been hosting retreats, spaces, and events both in The Dominican Republic, -where she was born and in Denmark where she currently lives.
She aims to awaken. She believes everyone has an inner healer which shall be stimulated and awakened, with the capacity to rise to higher levels of being. She believes in the power of ancient traditions to pursuing this aim. Ro guides her students to go deep within, and whether in stillness or through movement she carries the message that we can always bound with our inner healer Self anytime, anywhere. She has pursued educations in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga, and she currently studies to become a Sound Healer & Yoga therapist.

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