EL VALLE-Samana, Dominican Republic


I invite you to join me in January 2021 for 7 days of tropical adventures through the luscious breathtaking nature of my homeland, The Dominican Republic.

This region of The Dominican Republic is the richest and most unspoiled, surrounded by mountains, virgins beaches with crystalline clear water, hidden waterfalls in the depths of the jungle, exuberant flora and fauna, and infinite opportunities to discover in wonder a truly unique work of nature.

During this week-long experience, my aim is to learn to relate with nature from that pure place. Through yoga & dancing, exploring, moving, meditating, eating consciously, and connecting with the joy of being present, we can ignite our health and be more adaptable and resilient through the changes of our inner and outer world.

Ode to nature is an offering, a gesture to build and reconcile our relationship with ourselves and our environment. To come back to our roots, and rise up to a new way of being, living more from essence, in peace with each other and mother nature.

Open to both women and men that feel this calling, from all ages. Join us on a tropical & sustainable journey living from essence!


During this 7-days retreat, we will wake up every day to honor our bodies and celebrate the gift of being alive by nurturing ourselves and our energy together. Combining powerful, soft, mindful, and sensitive practices we will aim to make of our presence a constant ceremony in nature. The retreat will be hosted in the natural, virgin, and unspoiled community of the El Valle, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

We open each day early morning gathering for tea or coffee. You'll have the option to join me for a mindfulness or meditation practice scented by the natural elements  and sounds of the environment. We follow up with an emerging and vibrant movement class that can either be flow yoga, free dancing or hatha. Each day we will relate to a different theme.

After the class, there will be served a nutritious breakfast where we can enjoy the delicious and unique tropical foods found in the local surroundings.

You will then have the option to either stay and discover the peaceful beach and area near the Lodge or going on an adventure to immerse ourselves in the exuberant tropical nature of El Valle; hunting virgin beaches with crystalline clear water, trekking to visit hidden waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, or enjoying a warm and organic cup of cacao or coffee from Margot's and Federico's farm.  Activities will be organized after the group's needs. 

In the afternoon we gather again together for a soft practice where we will tune into our sensitive energies so that we can experience the subtle part of our being. The options will be either yin, restorative, or soft embodied flow, combined with breathing techniques and meditation. Followed by dinner, our hosts will again pamper us with their unique recipes and loving company. Options for vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian dishes will be available.

We close our day with an optional evening gathering; a bonfire at the beach under the stars, a sound healing and cacao ceremony, free dancing, poetry recital, music improvisation, etc. There will be the option for participants to offer their talents each evening, if they wish to.

Let’s nurture


7-7.30 optional meditation / tea coffee time
7.30-9 emerge vibrant flow practice
9-10 breakfast
10-17 free time / activities / treatments
17-18.15 sunset soft sensitive practice
19-20 dinner
20 free time / evening ceremony (cacao, tea, sound bath,  dance, poetry & music...)


* 6 nights accommodation
* 7 fresh, vegan / vegetarian /non vegetarian/ breakfasts 
* 6 fresh, vegan / vegetarian /non vegetarian/ dinners 
* 6 energizing flow classes
* 5 sensitive soft classes (Yin, restorative)
* 3 activities (trekking, sailing to virgin beaches, waterfall hunting, aromatherapy workshop)
* fruit snacks, juice, tea/coffee
& filtered water.

11-17 JANUARY 2021

Call to +45 27 83 81 90 for questions or inquiries.

€1275  - €1350



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