“Dear Rosangela
Thank you so much for some great yoga classes! It has been amazing!! You are a really good instructor who is able to convey both exercises and the idea of yoga. Thank you. I think you should move here - alternatively return to yoga on the terrace. “So now you check; check how you feel, check your breath“

“I can warmly recommend Rosángela. She is a very dedicated and passionate yoga instructor. Her kind and gentle presence created a calm and very supportive atmosphere in her classes. Rosángela is in contact with her heart, body, and mind in her instructions and it helps the students in the class to do the same. You do not only hear her guidance, you feel it on a deeper level. Rosángelas classes have helped me to heal and release deep traumas in my body and energy and to find deep relaxation for my nervous system. She both have great professional knowledge and her own experience in healing and yoga, which makes her classes very unique”.

Rosángela is a very skilled and passionate sound healer. She can go into a flow with the sound bowls and instruments and let her intuition create exactly the healing that is needed in a specific situation. The sound takes you on an inner journey and helps your body energy system to relax and release stress on deep levels. Rosángela has a very warm and calm presence. She has worked with healing and found her inner balance, which creates a safe and authentic space for healing.

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