NewMoon circles

What we tap into:

Moon Lodge ~ Herstory, blood/moon cycles, Symbolism & feminine archetypes, developing our intuition, dancing, womb connection, conscious movements & practices, manifesting, dreaming, resting, journaling, massaging, singing. ~Igniting our wild nature~.

Dear Wild Woman,

I am elated to share the plan for this year's women's circles and introduce the wonderful co-host women joining to share these spaces with you.

Embodying our wild woman is our birthright. Witnessing transformation in my core by tapping into my inner wise voice, I am committed to developing this inner wild woman with you. These spaces allow everything, enabling us to uncover our innate essence, untouched by societal layers.

The goal is to create spaces to embody our wisdom, empower ourselves, shift attention, re-educate to our truth, and tune into an unbreakable innate flame.

We typically gather close to the new moon, embracing its energy and allowing all to flow.

JAN~DEC 2024

Here are the dates for 2024 with moons and inspiring co-host women:

January 11, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~  New Wolf Moon / Capricorn
~Caroline Blomqvist BOOK HERE

February 11, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~ New Snow Moon / Aquarius 
~Siff Rozafeld BOOK HERE

March 10, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~ New Worm Moon / Piscis
~Charline Skovgaard BOOK HERE

April 7, 2024 from 17-20.30 ~ New Pink Moon / Aries 
~Cecilie Sofie Svensson BOOK HERE

May 8, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~ New Flower Moon / Taurus 
~Daniella May Wildfred BOOK HERE

June 6, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~New Strawberry Moon / Gemini
~Ro Acosta BOOK HERE

July 5, 2024: New Buck Moon / Cancer OFF

August 4, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~ New Sturgeon Moon / Leo 
~Io Hulten BOOK HERE

September 1, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~New Harvest Moon / Virgo
~Gizem Arizi BOOK HERE

October 17-20, 2024: New Hunter’s Moon / Libra / Weekend Getaway
~Ro Acosta 

November 3, 2024: New Beaver Moon / Scorpio ~Siff Rozafeld BOOK HERE

December 1, 2024, from 17-20.30 ~ New Cold Moon / Sagittarius
~Amanda Schou BOOK HERE

These spaces are donation~based and we suggest 222kr. Reach out directly if you can’t afford this price and would like a different one. 

The circles are normally 3 hours more or less.


Limited availability. More info is shared upon sign up.

Hosted at Shamballa Space by Shamballa Jewels on Ny Østergade 7.

The tickets are non refundable and you cannot change the date(s) to another event/session, but you are welcome to pass it on if you are unable to participate. If you pass on your ticket of this event let us know in advance by sending an email to hi@roatelier.eu

We reserve the right to cancel the reservation and to deny entry to anyone. Should the event be cancelled all payments will be refunded back to the participant.

Your use of these sessions indicates your understanding of the following: The information and resources contained on these workshops are not intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical and/or mental health disease or condition. The use of these sessions does not imply nor establish any type of therapist-client relationship. Furthermore, the offerings obtained from it should not be considered a substitute for a thorough medical and/or mental health evaluation by an appropriately credentialed and licensed professional.

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