Saturday, Dec 15, 2018 at 18.30-20.30

Price: 250kr. *includes tea   @SALIG  *limited capacity

Shortest day of the year
Hatha yoga/Soundbath/Tea Meditation

Take time to celebrate the path of the Sun during this winter solstice and move slowly into stillness and silence through a sacred and intuitive heart opening yoga flow. The Hatha class is led by Ro Acosta and accompanied by the weaving healing sounds of singing and crystal bowls, handgong and other instruments played by Tina Marie. We will create a space to connect with your own healing source.
During this special time of the year, we believe is auspicious to give the heart a space to be still, to listen in meditation and to synchronize with the path of the Sun which moves slowly through the horizon. A place to connect with the language of the heart.

The night of the ceremony:

We will start the evening slowly, moving gently with our breath to go deeper into our bodies. Tina Marie will set the tempo with her caring instruments while Ro guides an intuitive
Hatha flow offered in gratitude.

Moving into stillness we will prepare for savasana and afterward, we will explore tea as meditation.

Ro And Tina Marie are looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

Tickets: clients.mindbodyonline.com