I invite you to join me for 7 days of tropical journey through the luscious breathtaking nature of my homeland, The Dominican Republic.

This north region of The Dominican Republic is one of the richest and most unspoiled, surrounded by mountains, virgins beaches with crystalline clear water, hidden waterfalls in the depths of the jungle, exuberant flora and fauna, and infinite opportunities to discover in wonder a truly unique work of nature.

During this week-long experience, my aim is to learn to relate with nature from that pure place. Through yoga & dancing, exploring, moving, meditating, eating consciously, and connecting with the joy of being present, we can ignite our health and be more adaptable and resilient through the changes of our inner and outer world.

Ode to nature is an offering, a gesture to build and reconcile our relationship with ourselves and our environment. To come back to our roots, and rise up to a new way of being, living more from essence, in peace with each other and mother nature.

Open to both women and men that feel this calling, from all ages. Join us on a tropical & sustainable journey living from essence!

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